This is a  collection of the highest caliber professional hypnotists, both on stage and in the clinical office.  Learn in a safe compassionate environment to grow your career! 
Feb 9-11, 2018 at the Binions Casino in Las Vegas.

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Kevin Lepine
Topics: Show Safety and Walking Through My Show
Proof:  Saftey:  Kevin successfuly does a nightly show in Vegas and has traveled all over the world with no one getting hurt onstage.
Walking Through My Show:  Kevin is a 2 time Best of Vegas award winner.  Every night he has to work with audience of various sizes, ages, and mentalities.  Find out how he has been successfully getting volunteers and getting the most out of them while keeping them safe.  Kevin will be going over the DVD from the night before detailing how and why he did what he did.
Richard Barker
Topic: Press Release and Media Exposure
Press Releases and Media Exposure:  Richard will be teaching you how to write and send out releases that get read and lead to results.

Proof of knowledgeRichard Barker has been seen on The Today Show (where he was held over for multiple segments) and the Late Late Show.  Richard has also been featured on numerous local news and talk shows.  He has also been published in leading magazines.
Emily Lepine
Topics:  Working with an Assitant
                  Generating Material Through Improv
Emily has been an assistant in Hypnosis Unleashed for over 5 years.  She also runs lights and sound in the show and aides in the induction process.  Emily was also instrumental in desging the Lepine-Goldman Theater.

With a Bachelors Degree in Theater and Certification from the Dell Arte International School of Physical Theater she is also well versed in improv and culling material from live performances.
Marc Savard
Walking Through A Routine From Start To Finish
Writing a New Routine

Walking through a routine:  Marc will be going step by step through one of the routines he does nightly.  Describing the small details that make it happen and allow his personality to shine through.

Writing a new routine: Marc will be talking about how he would develop a new routine and get it ready to go into his show.

Proof of knowledge:  Marc is a veteran headliner in Las Vegas who has also performed worldwide.
Nadeen Manuel
Your First 5 Minutes
Pitching Yourself from the Stage

Proof of knowledge:  Nadeen has performing on cruise ships for over 10 years.  Besides the consistent bookings, her seminars have set an industry high mark for success.
Kellie Karl
Proof of knowledge: Kellie Karl has produced, choreographed and performed in shows for corporate events and casinos. She is also a regular performer on cruise ships worldwide with her hypnosis show.